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Your web presence backs up everything you do to build and strengthen your personal brand. As well as your website it includes your Social Media channels, email newsletters, guest posts, interviews and podcast appearances.

Resources to find Twitter Chats

Here’s a quick and dirty list of places to find Twitter chats for your area of expertise. TweetReports Has over 1,000 searchable Twitter chats. Twubs Twitter Chat Schedule Has a lot of chats listed but the list isn’t searchable. It’s…

Understanding the Twitter platform

To understand the Twitter platform you need to be aware of the algorithm that is constantly working in the background. The algorithm affects what you see on your feed and how posts are promoted. It works through analysing a number…

HashTags For Speakers

Why you should use hashtags Nearly everyone on social media uses hashtags. Most do so randomly and with no visible, cohesive strategy. If you want to get the best results on social media, you need to fully understand hashtags and…