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We are the Talent Marketing Company, a boutique consultancy based in the UK.

Go from being unknown, to in high demand with our one-to-one help and expertise.

What we do

We work with keynote speakers, authors and thought leaders like you to ensure your name and your work are discovered, shared and talked about.

Building Personal Brands

What is your personal brand? Work with an expert to learn how to build a personal brand and how to work with it to your advantage.

Creating Power Web Presences

Does your heart sink when you know you have to work on your website? We have the expertise to advise on what should be done, and the jargon to work with your designer to get the best results.

Manage Marketing Campaigns

Our clients all have one thing in common: they don’t like talking about themselves. Let us do the talking and plan effective, easy marketing campaigns that you and your team can carry out – or leave it with us to do the leg work too.

Who we work with

Our clients all agree on one thing: marketing yourself is hard and hiring someone to help is an essential first step to getting your name known.

Professors and academics

If you’re a professor or academic who has written books or are asked to give keynote speeches on an ad hoc basis but would like to take your careers further in this direction, we can help. Marketing is probably entirely new to you, but we have helped speakers from top-level universities and business schools such as IMD or London Business School.

Coaches and consultants

As a coach or consultant of top executives and business influencers, you are not immune to the problem of marketing yourself. After all, you have your own business to attend to! Many coaches and consultants are also speakers who can share their knowledge and experiences at corporate events and would like to do more of this. With a quick conversation we can assess where you are in your speaking career and offer some quick wins, as well as a strategy moving forward.

Keynote speakers

You may have spent a career in a top-level position in a corporation or had an amazing life experience that we can all learn from and you’d like to share it on stage. The one thing you’re missing is fans and followers who know about you enough to want to book you. With our branding expertise, we can help you to boost your name and attract the attention of the right people.

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What people say about us

We love working with every single one of our clients, which shows from the lovely comments they make about us.

Howard Yu
LEGO porfessor of management and innovation at IMD Business School
“I am fortunate to come across the remarkable team… [Patrick’s] professionalism is unparalleled. And he understands what speakers need and want. All you need to do is ask. Thank you, Patrick and your great team!”
Pete Cohen
TV Personality | Performance Coach
“…Since I’ve been working with him I have learnt so much and have become more focused on exactly what I need to do in order to be more successful in the space that I occupy.”
Arthur Carmazzi
Number 1 ranked culture thought leader
“…His recommendations help my business communication tremendously and he is a master of digital influence. I highly recommend Patrick as a speaker marketer, a master meeting support by finding the right speakers and awesome human being!”

Where you can find us

Talent Marketing Company is a part of Universal Speaker Group, (USG) a group of companies related to the speaking industry. The founding company of Universal Speaker Group is Speakers Associates, a speaker bureau that was established in 1999 and has worked to supply professional keynote speakers and knowledge workers to some of the major corporations in the world.
Since the Covid 19 pandemic, the group has expanded to accommodate more virtual services such as video on demand via Oratorical and will soon be launching a knowledge base from our speakers in the form of Authority Republic.
Talent Marketing company is proud to be a part of USG, supporting and developing our speakers to be the best that they can be.